Want Fresh Looking Skin? Here’s How – and it’s Easy!

Clear, fresh skin. Who doesn’t want this? Ok, so ladies, whilst this article is predominantly for you, we know there’ll be some guys out there taking a sneaky peek for hints! It’s ok to be metro guys! We all want to look great and today we are going to tell you how your skin can achieve its full potential with minimal cost.

Many women and men, spend plenty of cash on skincare products. Face wash, blackhead scrub, cleansers, toners, day cream, night cream, eye cream, Tuesday cream etc! Yes, we agree a great skincare routine is absolutely necessary, but…… and here it comes….. What if you could increase the overall appearance of your skin in one easy step?

I bet we have your attention now….

It’s all to do with water! ‘Water’ you say? ‘How will that possibly help’?

Let’ explain further;

If you don’t drink enough water, visible signs of dehydration appear and mainly through the skin:

elephant eye with wrinkled skin
  • Dull: You know the beautiful sheen you gain when using highlighter? You’ll need plenty of it in combating the dull!
  • Dark Circles: Urgh! How annoying are these? Whilst copious amounts of cucumber, tea bags and concealer will help to agree, there is one natural fix that offers great results!
  • Itching: Yup, dehydrated skin becomes dry and sometimes the dry patches get irritated and itchy. It’s not pleasant!
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles: OK, so we’re all ageing and many of us will spend a lifetime searching for the best ways of slowing the process down!


It really is that simple and the benefits are huge!

So what does water do for our skin?

  • Eliminates Toxins: Water helps with the flushing of toxins from you body. This in itself helps to replenish skin cells. Results are clear with fresh looking skin and less blemishes.
  • Oil Reduction: Suffer from oily skin? Drinking water can help reduce this which in turn, makes you less prone to acne.
  • Plump Increase: Living with dry skin? Water combats this by effectively filling in pores and wrinkles. How clever is that?

The toilet breaks are worth it!

Of course when drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, you will need to visit the ladies or gents on a more regular basis. This is just part and parcel of adopting a great new routine and you will look and feel good on the inside and out!

So all I need to do is drink water and my skin will be fabulous?

Well….. No, that’s not strictly true. But, it’s certainly a great start. Not only will you be working towards healthier skin, your body will feel better throughout and you may even find you have more energy. Diet and exercise should also be considered, but hey, one thing at a time! 

So there you have it! The secret to fresh looking skin, and let’s face it, could it be any simpler? The benefits attached to drinking water are endless and of course we can help you make this look great with one of our fabulous Hydrate Bottles!

“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a long time”.

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