The age old Debate: Still Versus Sparkling!

Surely you have a preference? It really is one of life’s continuous debates and often when we see a person supping from a one time throwaway bottle that contains sparkling water, we often judge! Or is that just us…..? Today we’re having a little look into still and fizzy water. We’re going to highlight the benefits each offer and ask you guys for some feedback on your preferred. Ready?

H2O Defined

Ok, we don’t want to bore you with the finer details, but as we’re sure you’ll know, water generally comes from a natural source like a spring or fountain.

Fizzy H2O Defined

Carbon Dioxide is thrust into still water. The results; carbonated water that some say tastes ever so slightly salty. Thoughts?

Hydration Factors

Still water will quench thirst and fully hydrates the body. It may surprise you to learn that sparkling water had exactly the same benefits. Whilst the fizzy stuff is a healthy habit, not all sparkling water is the same. Our recommendation:

Stick to still!

So what exactly is the difference between the two other than bubbles?

It’s within the bubbles that there inlies the main difference and this can be in the form of certain health issues. Now please, don’t panic. We’re not going to tell you to cease drinking fizzy water and that it’s predominantly bad for you. We’re simply letting you know the type of water that’s recommended between still and fizzy. Tell us more about these health issues.

OK, but please remember – everything in moderation.

Tooth Decay: Sparkling water can be associated to tooth decay. It’s not the bubbles causing damage, it’s the carbonation and this can negatively affect the calcium in the jaw bone. 

Digestion: If you live with a sensitive stomach, the carbon dioxide which makes the bubbles can trigger an excess of gastric acid before causing irritation.

UTIs: People who suffer regularly with UTIs are advised to avoid fizzy drinks altogether. Should you find yourself with this problem as a one off, the same advice is given whilst taking medication to get rid. Drinking pure water keeps the renal system cleansed and helps to get rid of any infection.

So we’ve mentioned the drawbacks of drinking the fizzy stuff. What about still water? Well, there’s really only one and it’s extremely rare:

Overconsumption: You would have to drink copious amounts for this to even become a hint of an issue. We recommend sticking to the recommended daily water intake as suggested by the NHS.

What’s our Conclusion?

As we have said previously, everything in moderation will help to keep you healthy. If you currently drink lots of carbonated water and cut this out due to the preempt of tooth decay, it’s no good if you continue to eat foods with high sugar content!

We fully endorse drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.


Sorry, we mean glass bottles……. Stay hydrated!

“If you drink water in the morning, you will feel happier, sharper and more energetic throughout the day”

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