The Colour of Your Urine: It Matters!

Welcome to our blog, where today we are discussing, of all topics, urine! Understanding the colour of your urine is actually essential in determining whether or not you are hydrated. The colour can actually give you a pretty solid indication on how healthy you are.

Shall we get started?

OK, so there are different ways of identifying hydration levels, but urine testing remains the most effective. Whilst colours can all look very similar to the untrained eyes, these differences are in fact significant.

What affects urine colour?

Let’s think logically for a moment. If you’re already a dedicated water drinker, you will have become accustomed to a very pale colour in the toilet bowl. When switching water for coffee, soda or alcohol, you are actually drinking diuretics. This means you will need to use the bathroom more frequently and in turn, you’ll become dehydrated. In effect, your body is ridding itself of too much liquid quickly and because you’re not replacing it with water, dehydration occurs.

Understanding how to view the colour of your urine;

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It’s important to understand that when examining urine, it will look a different colour in the toilet bowl in comparison to a clear specimen tube. When you physically go to the bathroom, colour is diluted due to the water in the toilet. This way you will not gain a true reflection.

How do you identify the meaning of urine colour?

There is actually a urine chart you can use in order to determine where about yours fits on the scale. That said, it’s important to note that colours can vary from the chart baseline for a variety of reasons. Medical conditions, medication and even the type of food you’ve eaten can influence this. However, if you happen to spot a colour with no identifiable cause, it is recommended to contact a medical professional.

Let’s investigate the chart from clear to yellow:

Whilst the colour gradients provide you with an idea of hydration levels, it’s always best to get these things checked correctly. Should urine look dark, drink plenty of water and assess the need to contact your GP.

Clear: Potentially you are over hydrated. Whilst this colour is acceptable it shouldn’t necessarily be your default. Cut back a little for the remainder of the day perhaps.

Pale Yellow: This is one of the most healthy colours urine can be and indicates an ideal level of hydration.

Light Straw Yellow: This is another healthy colour suggesting levels of good hydration.

Yellow: Whilst indicative of decent hydration, you’re potentially on the cusp. If you’re at this level, it’s worth filling up the water bottle and sipping throughout the day.

Dark Yellow: If you’re at this stage then you’re looking potentially at mild levels of dehydration. As an unhealthy place to be it’s important to start drinking water as soon as possible.

Amber: This is officially a sign you’re body is dehydrated. It is recommended to drink additional levels of water and tale advice on adding in oral re hydration solutions.

Orange & Darker: Urine within this colour range is indicative of severe dehydration. Dependent on other signs, you may need to contact a medical professional for treatment. It’s important to make a suitable assessment at this stage and if you are feeling generally OK, you could contact 111 for advice.

glass of water on counter with drops

It’s important for your body and mind that you remain hydrated. If for any reason the colour of your urine falls below the recommended colours as listed above, it’s strongly recommended to seek relevant medical advice.

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure your daily water intake is right is by investing in a bottle you love. Of course, we can help you with this and whilst we want to ensure you remain healthy, we understand the impact this has on the environment too. By drinking daily from a hydrate bottle you’re not only keeping your body healthy, you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

“Drinking Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle”.

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